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 KDX Client 1.4 [k]

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PostSubject: KDX Client 1.4 [k]   KDX Client 1.4 [k] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2008 9:29 pm

KDX Client 1.4 [k] Warrantyvoidlabelqo3


KDX is like a swiss army knife for internet and intranet communications. KDX is a powerful multi-OS "BBS"-style (Bulletin Board System) encrypted internet communications system that provides voice chat (Internet Telephone), text chat, messaging, news, file and folder transfer, remote access, trackers and more. It uses strong encryption to protect your communications for security and privacy. It is very useful for groups that need to collaborate on a project via the Internet. It is also very useful for remote administration of a computer. KDX uses a client/server architecture (NOT peer-to-peer).

While KDX works very well over the Internet, it also works very well on a LAN (local area network). KDX does not require an Internet connection, and is thus suitable for use on an internal company LAN, and for home or small business networking.


Customizable Appearance -- The appearance of the user interface is highly customizable. Haxial recognizes that people have widely varying tastes, and what is delicious to one person is disgusting to another person, and what is beautiful to one person is hideous to another person. KDX solves this problem by letting you choose and customize its appearance using "skins" / "schemes". [More Info]

Private Messaging -- You can send private messages to the people of your choice. KDX Client records the messages that have been sent and received, so at any time you can easily re-read any part of the conversation. KDX is also able to conduct multiple private message sessions concurrently, all organized neatly and efficiently within the 1 window (even if the people you are talking to are on different servers). Sending messages with KDX is MUCH faster than e-mail. Messages usually arrive nearly instantly, compared to e-mail which can be delayed for significant amounts of time. The blinking WonderLight™ alerts you when new messages arrive.

Voice Chat -- KDX includes a multi-user "Internet Telephone", so it lets you talk (literally, without typing), to 1 or more people over the Internet. Group conversations ("conference calls") are supported. Using KDX instead of long-distance or international telephone calls can save you a lot of money. [More Info]

Text Chat -- The Chat feature allows you to have a text-based conversation with multiple people simultaneously. Everything you type into the chat appears on the screen of everyone who is inside that chat "room", and vice-versa. Multiple chat "rooms" and private chats are supported. You can also send a special Chat Invitation to one or multiple people, inviting them to participate in the chat.

IRC Chat -- Administrators can create KDX chat "rooms" that function as gateways/portals to IRC channels in an IRC network, thus increasing the number of people you can chat with using KDX, and allowing KDX and IRC users to communicate with each other.

News System -- KDX includes a "message board"-style news system where people can post messages in a semi-permanent manner that can be read by other people. KDX supports multiple newsgroups, so messages can be organized into various topics. You can also restrict access to certain newsgroups, thus allowing some classes of accounts to read the newsgroup, but not others.

Direct Client Connection (DCC) -- KDX Client can connect to a KDX Server, which is ideal for multi-user environments, but KDX Client can also be used by itself -- clients can connect to each other directly to communicate without requiring the use of a server.

Address Book -- A built-in Address Book window makes it easy to record your account details at various servers. With a single click, you can connect to a server that is in your Address Book.

Personalized Identity -- Personalize your online identity with a User Icon that represents you. Other people see this when communicating with you. User Icons are 32x32 pixels, and can be ANY image you desire (you are not limited to a set of icons). In addition to the icon, your online identity can be personalized with a name, a description, colors, and status icons (such as "away" or "sleeping").

Multiple Connections -- The one copy of the KDX client can connect to multiple servers simultaneously.

Multiple Operating Systems -- KDX is available for MS Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux, and FreeBSD users. It has excellent compatibility, so for example, MacOS users have no problem communicating with MS Windows users, or vice-versa.

Sound Lists -- KDX Client supports "Sound List" files which are a fun way to make the client play sounds when certain events occur. You can download a pre-made Sound List file from the Haxial website, or you can make your own using the KDXSoundListEdit utility.

File/Folder Transfer -- You can use KDX to send and receive files (upload and download). KDX can even automatically transfer whole folders of files, including any sub-folders and their sub-folders etc. You can queue file transfers, so that they will not begin until the prior transfers have finished. This is very convenient because it means you do not have to be present at the computer to start the next download when the first one finishes -- it will happen automatically (simultaneous transfers are also supported). KDX also displays the current speed, amount of data transferred, and estimated time remaining of each transfer. KDX supports very long file names (255 characters), and huge multi-terabyte sized files (64-bit).

Resume File Transfers -- If you are disconnected or temporarily lose your internet connection or are otherwise interrupted during a file or folder transfer, you can reconnect to the server, and start the transfer again, and it will continue from the point where you were interrupted (no need to start again from the beginning). This even works with folder transfers.

Automatic Download Sorting -- KDX can automatically sort the files that you download into various folders according to the file type, such as Images, Audio, etc.

File Browsing -- KDX can be used to browse the contents of folders on the server computer. This includes a hierarchical display for quick navigation of the folder hierarchy. The Filter feature allows you to type part of a file name, and the file list will be filtered to show only those items that contain the text you typed.

Cached File Lists -- When browsing the files, KDX Client caches/remembers the file lists (folder contents), so you do not have to wait when returning to a folder that you visited previously.

Extremely Fast File Searching -- The files/folders on the server computer can be searched extremely quickly, even if there are hundreds of thousands of files, allowing users to nearly instantly determine the location or existence of a particular file or files. This is because KDX is able to generate a catalog/index of all the files.

Encryption -- KDX uses strong encryption for your security and to protect your privacy. Even file transfers are encrypted! [More Info]

UPnP Routers Supported -- If you share your Internet access between multiple computers (using a router), then you will appreciate KDX's ability to automatically configure your router (assuming it supports UPnP) for use with KDX. KDX can also be used with older non-UPnP routers, but then you have to configure the router manually.

Trackers -- KDX Trackers are a great way to find KDX Servers. Trackers are like an online directory of servers. You can connect to a KDX Tracker to obtain listings of servers that are currently online, including a short description. KDX Tracker also supports multiple groups, so servers can organize themselves into various topics of interest. Trackers are also useful for servers with dynamic IP addresses, which is fully supported.

Unicode -- KDX supports Unicode, which is the international standard for allowing characters from all languages of the world to be used in text. This is particularly useful for non-English speakers who wish to communicate with people in their own language, which may use a non-Latin alphabet. (Note characters can only be displayed if they are present in the font that you are using, ofcourse.)

Window Management -- KDX windows can be minimized to a special dock window, thus temporarily removing them from the screen without closing them. A quick click in the instantly restores the window. You can also hit the F1 key or control-shift-W (command-shift-W) to show a popup menu with a list of all windows in the program. Click a window to bring it to the front. Or use the arrow keys and then return/enter. This allows you to switch between windows more quickly.

No Installation -- KDX can be carried on a CD or a USB flash drive (or other portable storage) and launched directly from the drive and used on the computer without installation.

KDX URLs -- Supports KDX URLs. For example, a KDX URL in a webpage can launch KDX and connect to a server. (May require operating system to be configured appropriately.)

Alien Technology -- Haxial has negotiated with aliens to gain access to secret alien technology, including a program called "Kaa`DX", which is written in an advanced alien programming language. Haxial has been busily porting Kaa`DX to Earth operating systems. So with KDX, you're getting a product which incorporates advanced alien technology!


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KDX Client 1.4 [k]
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