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 ..:: 1000 Photoshop Brushes ::..

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..:: 1000 Photoshop Brushes ::.. Empty
PostSubject: ..:: 1000 Photoshop Brushes ::..   ..:: 1000 Photoshop Brushes ::.. Icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2008 10:11 am

This is 235 different Brush packs. The actual amount of different brushes, I didn't want to try and count. Found from a variety of sites, previously posted by MuffinMan.

Now in an easy to use, and packaged format.

1.) This pack contains 16 Brush Sets: Animal Prints, CobWebs, Eye Lashes, Flames, Grasses/Plants, Labels, Lightning, Lips, Shattered Glass, Space, Sports, Tribal, and Water. :

2.) This pack contains 34 Brush Sets: Abstract, Balls, Burnt Crumbs, CD's, Walls, Crumpled Paper, Swirls, Grunge, Hair, Boxes, Menus, Metal, Old Time Stuff, Moving Lights, Old Ads, Radios, Shape Shifts, Strange, Tapes, Newspaper, and User Blurs. Protected Message:

3.) This pack contains 10 Brush Sets: Dubtastic!

4.) This pack contains 50 Brush Sets: 60's, Nouveau, Batman, Board Games, Flowers, Cameras, Children, Clocks, DaVinci, DragonFly, Easter, Fabric, Forensic, Fruit Labels, Halloween, Insects, Japanese, Monsters, Moons, Paranormal, Radios, Safety, Schematics, Signs, Skulls, Tapes, Tarot, Texture, Birds, TV, Vampires, Ladies, Christmas, XRay, Zodiac, and Zombies.

5.) This pack contains 125 Brush Sets : Chinese, Kanji, Old Coins, Lips, Grids, Crayons, Chalk, AngryBlue, Bone Letters, Pencils, Trees, Swirling, Lost, Dark, WallTrash, Strange Signs, Grunge, Borders, Stardust, Shapes, Phoenix, Intricacy, Grape Veins, Flower Power, Dusty Corners, Clouds, Cracks, Confusion, Caffeine, Autumn, Antiques, Geometry, Toons, Mutts, Girl Stuff, Bullets, Bands, Arcades, Weird Imprints & Swirls, Sapphire Set, Terrified Heart, Skate Logos, Sk8erz, Saftey Pins, Punk Rock Chicks, Pop Rocks, Stars, Tribal, Whirlwinds, Squares, Smileys, Puzzles, Nightmares, Leaves, Kawaii, Japanese, Glitter, Butterflies, Enigma, and Celtic.

..:: 1000 Photoshop Brushes ::.. New_picture__9_271
..:: 1000 Photoshop Brushes ::.. 71xlbfs
..:: 1000 Photoshop Brushes ::.. 296
..:: 1000 Photoshop Brushes ::.. Asasasdsdsdds
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..:: 1000 Photoshop Brushes ::..
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