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 EARSTER EGG FOR Photoshop 10 (CS3)

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PostSubject: EARSTER EGG FOR Photoshop 10 (CS3)   Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:49 am

1. Red Pill Splash Screen

You can get the different splash scrren from the one you get when you go to Help>About Photoshop...
Just hold the Ctrl key and then click About Photoshop...
Red Pill is a codename for Photoshop 10...

2. Udo The Cat

If you take a snapshot of a red pill splash screen, open it with PS and go to Image>Adjustments>Levels..., you can see Udo, a Photoshop cat...
All you have to is move the white input to about 55 and you'll see him inside the pill...

3. Udo's Paw Prints

You can move the levels white input slider all the way to the left and you'll see red paw prints...

4. Tribute To Bruce Fraser

If you put the black input slider all the way to the right on the same splash screen, you'll see a tribute to Bruce Fraser, the digital color management guru who passed away in 2006...


When you get to red pill splash screen, you can wait a bit and you'll see that credits will begin to scroll, you can find some funny text there...
You can fast forward the credits by holding Alt and make it even faster if you add Shift as well...
If you click right above the first line of credits, wait until the credits are over (hold Alt if you want t and you'll see some funny quotes in the area you clicked previously...

6. Merlin Lives

You can find Merlin The Wizard if you just follow the instructions from the picture...


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EARSTER EGG FOR Photoshop 10 (CS3)
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